Did Someone Just Say Free WebGL for Unity 5?

Just before a week before Unite 2014  the people over at Unity have just announced that they will be deploying the WebGL Add-on for Unity 5  free for both the Free and Pro users. 

This was a much debated topic on the Unity user forums, as the Add-On was originally planned to have a price tag associated with it. It was an unknown price tag, but everyone on the thread (Including myself) feared the worst. Which means at least a $1500 price tag just for  the privilege of using using tool that would allow people to play my games online without the need for a player.

Normally I wouldn’t think twice about a move like this. They developed the technology and spent the money where it was needed to make this a thing.  However, earlier that year Google had made an announcement. It would no longer support NPAPI. What is that? Hell if I know. All I know is that it would keep the free Unity Web Player from working on future versions of Chrome. So when December rolls around almost all of the unity games that rely on the web player won’t work with any updated Chrome Browser. The problem is still there and we will still have to deal with the fall out if Google goes through with dropping support for NPAPI.  It no longer matters as we now have an alternative when Unity 5 rolls out.

Great Decision Unity. I support it thoroughly.


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