The Base, Where It Are Belong To Us

Build on fundamentals. That is what I told someone last week. Build an awesome base. That no one or thing can knock you down from. try not to chase fads. Don’t get swept up in bad production habits.

It can happen fast. I know. You are being pressured to produce. or get good grades. To earn fast money. It can become a trap, and by the time you realize, it going to be much harder to dig yourself out of.

I read in Richard William’s The Animators Survival Kit, really stuck with me. “The Epitaph of an Unfortunate Artist”, by Robert Graves really helped me construct my philosophy on workflow and project management.

Epitaph of an Unfortunate artist.

He found a formula
for drawing rabbits:
this formula for
drawing comic
rabbits paid.
So in the end he
could not
change the
tragic habits
This formula for
drawing comic
Rabbits made.