The Base, Where It Are Belong To Us

Build on fundamentals. That is what I told someone last week. Build an awesome base. That no one or thing can knock you down from. try not to chase fads. Don’t get swept up in bad production habits.

It can happen fast. I know. You are being pressured to produce. or get good grades. To earn fast money. It can become a trap, and by the time you realize, it going to be much harder to dig yourself out of.

I read in Richard William’s The Animators Survival Kit, really stuck with me. “The Epitaph of an Unfortunate Artist”, by Robert Graves really helped me construct my philosophy on workflow and project management.

Epitaph of an Unfortunate artist.

He found a formula
for drawing rabbits:
this formula for
drawing comic
rabbits paid.
So in the end he
could not
change the
tragic habits
This formula for
drawing comic
Rabbits made.

The HTML5 Game Engine Search END

So, after the announcement from Unity that they will be supporting WebGL.  I no longer have a need to realy search for a HTML 5 alternative. I will looking at using Unity for the majority of my projects from  this point foward.

In my search though, I did uncover an interesting gem. was a  crazy robust html5 game engine. It has a lot going for it and had the scalability i was looking for in all of my projects. So if you need one take a look at

HTML5 Game Engine Search

So right now I am looking for the best way to create web based interactive experiences for college courses. Here is the my current list that I have frameworks/engines that I have encountered during my search.

I will be working with each of these to create a prototype game to find out which system will work best for the needs of my team.

Wish me Luck




Market Study

You have been placed in charge of your own marketing firm. By answering industry questions you can earn prizes to improve your office. The more money you earn the better the prizes you earn. Test your knowledge and make your way to the top.

Project Info

Faculty Sponsor:Thanh Tran
Instructional Designer:Milissa Copeland
Project Lead:Robert Wall
Technologies: Unity
Project status: Complete
Last updated: 01-01-2012